Office Secret Santa Gift Ideas – Christmas Gift Guide

Office Secret Santa Christmas Gift Guide - Handmade Gifts from Etsy

Back when I worked in an office environment, we did Secret Santa each year where our team members would each pick out a colleague’s name at random and then buy that person a gift for under £10. It worked really well in that we didn’t have to spend TOO much money on gifts for every co-worker as well as all the other people in our lives that we wanted to buy gifts for. But on occasion it was tricky to find the right {Read More}

Beaded Bangle DIY Project

Wire wrapped beaded bangle - Jewellery Maker Review

I have a fun DIY jewellery-making project for you today and it’s so easy to make, that anyone could do it! That’s because this silver beaded bangle is made using just a few materials contained in a ready-made kit from Jewellery Maker, who provided me with a sample so that I could review it. The beaded bangle kit arrived in an attractive little box complete with instructions and three materials – 2 x 7.5cm diameter copper rings, 5m x 0.6mm copper wire and 50 {Read More}

Halloween Beadwork Pattern – Peyote Stitch Cuff Bracelet

Halloween Beadwork Pattern - Halloween Peyote Stitch Cuff Bracelet

Life has been busy lately… I haven’t found time to make something spooky and beady for Halloween yet but I did get chance to have a play around with my BeadTool 4 software! I’ve created this beautiful peyote stitch pattern for a Halloween seed bead cuff bracelet! The pattern will make a bracelet that’s almost 6 inches long and just over 2 inches wide. You’ll need a lot of size 11/0 miyuki delicas for this project and this will keep you {Read More}

Handmade Showcase: Autumn/Fall Inspired Projects

Crochet Acorn Pattern for Autumn / Fall - Handmade Showcase

Even though the dark nights are drawing in and there’s a definite crisp chill to the morning air, I have to admit that I do love autumn. Watching leaves change from green, to gold, to red and then jumping into a huge pile of them with my little girl is a fun activity, not just for her but for me too! Then there’s blackberry picking to look forward to, finally being able to turn the heating on and being able to {Read More}

How to do Beaded Blanket Stitch

Beaded Blanket Stitch Step 10

Blanket stitch is a great decorative stitch on its own for various fabric projects. And when you add beads into the equation, you can create something even more beautiful! I used beaded blanket stitch for the edging on one of my recent projects, a bead embroidery statement necklace, so I thought I’d put together a tutorial in photos so you can see how it’s done! For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m sewing a beaded edging to join two pieces {Read More}

An Interview with Kerrie Slade

An Interview with Kerrie Slade Bead Artist

The art of stringing together tiny little beads to make something beautiful and unique totally fascinates me. So today, I’m really happy to bring you this interview with Kerrie Slade, an incredibly talented bead artist from the UK. Kerrie has had her original beadwork patterns published in Beadwork Magazine and Beading Daily and exhibits her work around the world. I was curious to find out more about how Kerrie first started beading and what inspires her creative process. 1. When {Read More}

BeadTool 4 Review – Make Your Own Beading Patterns

BeadTool 4 Review by Craftaholique - Make Your Own Beading Patterns

BeadTool 4 for Windows and Mac is a beading programme for both hobbyists and professional beaders. It allows the user to create all sorts of amazing beading patterns, all with just a few clicks of the mouse. As you’ll know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, beading is one of my favourite crafts so I decided to download the BeadTool 4 software to see what it could do. Here’s my review below! BeadTool 4 – beading software for {Read More}

Colour Palette Inspiration – Pop of Pink

Pop of Pink Colour Palette by Craftaholique

Just a short and sweet post today for you! I came across this image recently and thought how pretty these pink flowers looked against the backdrop here. So I had a play around in Photoshop and made a colour palette out of it so I can use this for inspiration when making future crafty projects! Colour palettes aren’t just reserved for painting and decorating projects – whatever you’re creating it’s good to have a think about colours before you make a {Read More}

Handmade Showcase: Memory Wire Jewellery

Bridesmaid Bracelets - Beaded Memory Wire Bracelet

Memory wire is one of my favourite materials to use for stringing beads. It’s really strong and that’s why it holds its coil shape so well. It’s often used in jewellery-making for wrap-around bracelets and choker necklaces. Although memory wire is quite plain to look at when you buy it off the shelf, there are so many ways you can use beads to create something amazing with it! Take a look at some creative jewellery pieces below which have all been made using {Read More}

Bead Embroidered Statement Necklace (with Buttons)

How to make a bead and button statement necklace - bead embroiderey

Ever since I made a bead embroidered headband for my little girl, I’ve been keen to get back to doing some more bead embroidery! I decided to make a statement necklace using some of my favourite materials – buttons, seed beads, felt and ribbon. I happened to have a mixed bag of pastel buttons so I used these to set the colour theme of this piece. I’ve outlined below how I made this beaded statement necklace in case you’d like {Read More}