Colour Palette Inspiration – Pop of Pink

Pop of Pink Colour Palette by Craftaholique

Just a short and sweet post today for you! I came across this image recently and thought how pretty these pink flowers looked against the backdrop here. So I had a play around in Photoshop and made a colour palette out of it so I can use this for inspiration when making future crafty projects! Colour palettes aren’t just reserved for painting and decorating projects – whatever you’re creating it’s good to have a think about colours before you make a {Read More}

Handmade Showcase: Memory Wire Jewellery

Bridesmaid Bracelets - Beaded Memory Wire Bracelet

Memory wire is one of my favourite materials to use for stringing beads. It’s really strong and that’s why it holds its coil shape so well. It’s often used in jewellery-making for wrap-around bracelets and choker necklaces. Although memory wire is quite plain to look at when you buy it off the shelf, there are so many ways you can use beads to create something amazing with it! Take a look at some creative jewellery pieces below which have all been made using {Read More}

Bead Embroidered Statement Necklace (with Buttons)

How to make a bead and button statement necklace - bead embroiderey

Ever since I made a bead embroidered headband for my little girl, I’ve been keen to get back to doing some more bead embroidery! I decided to make a statement necklace using some of my favourite materials – buttons, seed beads, felt and ribbon. I happened to have a mixed bag of pastel buttons so I used these to set the colour theme of this piece. I’ve outlined below how I made this beaded statement necklace in case you’d like {Read More}

Ribbon & Felt Bead Embroidered Cuff Bracelet

Ribbon and Felt Bead Embroidered Cuff Bracelet

I mentioned a while back that I’m slightly addicted to ribbon and during that time I’ve been collecting all kinds of offcuts that I’m hoping to use for crafty projects. This weekend, I finally got around to using one of my favourite pieces – a gorgeous bird print ribbon – when I made this bead embroidered felt cuff bracelet. How I made this bead embroidered cuff bracelet To make this bracelet, I used a brass cuff blank and measured out roughly {Read More}

Amazing Things to Make With Ribbon

Amazing things to make with ribbon - Craftaholique - ribbon projects

I can’t help it – I love ribbon! My secret ribbon stash is gradually getting bigger and I’m always looking for things I can make with it. I made a cute beaded ribbon bracelet recently and you can view the tutorial here if you’re interested! But since then, I’ve been wondering about what else I could make… Luckily there are lots of ideas on Pinterest to inspire me. I made a new Pinterest board the other day called Ribbon Projects and {Read More}

DIY Easter Bunny Pendant

DIY Easter Bunny Pendant - Air Dry Clay Rabbit - Craftaholique

I’ve been seeing a lot of Easter craft projects being promoted on social media lately and one that caught my eye in particular was a Jumping Bunny Necklace I found over at Obscene Aubergine. I liked this so much that I decided to have a go at making an Easter bunny pendant myself! Although I didn’t have any polymer clay to use, I remembered that I had some air drying clay tucked away in a cupboard. My stock of clay was around 4 years old {Read More}

Ladybird Easter Egg Decorating

Easter Egg Craft for Kids - Ladybird Egg Decorating - Craftaholique

This is the first year that I’ve done Easter egg decorating with my 4 year old. We hard-boiled some eggs and decided to make ladybirds with them because it was something that she could copy easily when I showed her how to make one first! Our ladybirds were made with black and red paint, gold glitter glue for the mouth and googly eyes. After we made our ladybirds, we made a “home” for them using the top of a large egg {Read More}

Crafty Links #1


Welcome to Crafty Links, a new feature here on Craftaholique, where I’ll be sharing with you my recent favourite crafty reads from around the web! Crafty Links isn’t actually completely new if I’m honest. I did a version of this feature a very long time ago where I shared crafty video links! But seeing as I’m starting afresh, I’m naming this edition number 1. Anyway, I’m always browsing the web for inspiration and these are the craft blogs that have stood out {Read More}

Cute DIY Beaded Ribbon Bracelet

Cute Beaded Ribbon Bracelet 3 - Craftaholique

After creating my easy knotted ribbon and beads bracelet last week, I decided to try out another creation using ribbon as it’s one of my favourite materials to use at the moment! This DIY bracelet is really easy to make and involves a little spot of bead embroidery. The great thing about using ribbon as a bracelet is that it will fit any size wrist, even little ones. I used the following materials to make this cute beaded ribbon bracelet: {Read More}


Beadworthy - an inspirational collection of jewelry projects and tutorials - Craftaholique

Lately, I’ve been putting some time and energy into another website, called Beadworthy. It’s been up and running for a few weeks now and the response I’ve received so far has been very positive, so I thought I should probably mention it! Beadworthy is a pinterest style website which aims to promote the works of talented bead and jewellery artists all around the world (for free). At the same time, it’s designed in such a way that beading enthusiasts can {Read More}